In my new project, I want to focus on how we handle the climate change, but also the anxiety many feel. For many young people the climate change means a lot of anxiety and there are people who seek professional help to handle their concerns. New research shows that the climate will change already in the future of our children, and many researchers fear that it will be worse than expected. The American journalist David Wallace-Wells wrote an article "The Uninhabitable Earth" published July 9, 2017. The article clearly got immediate criticism from the climate change community, which considered it contains actual errors and is too pessimistic. The criticism was also that he scares people with his article, but Wallace-Wells contradicted not believing that he scares people enough. In my project, I will base my pictures on this article, but above all on the debate and the sources behind the article.

In my new series of images I want to explore/investigate the collective feeling of guilt but also the psychological aspects behind climate denial and how this relate to an individual level.

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