Nature for my sister and me as children was magic and our play was continuously bound to her. Every element of her – every flower, stone, tree or tuft of grass had a soul. We were completely lost in our imaginative world using the forest as our playground. Lightness and darkness, colours and shapes, were all factors in creating emotions and adventures.

In striving to grow to womanhood I often lost my direction and to observe nature as magic, the forest became a place were I could be alone and reflect – a sort of an escape zone. I felt comfortable alone inside the forest, a place where I could just exist being nothing but part of everything.

Now after recreating the magic as an adult I feel in closer contact with different sides of myself, the images are revealing my subconscious, my sexuality, search for guidance and feeling of solitude.

My images are hunt for finding a form, shape, light that triggers something in me. I seek to bring life into something that is decaying or dead. I explore a need to interact and make secretive and personal signs that remain only as photographs. Nature for me always expresses magic by her self – wearing the colours of the spirit; but for me to express an emotion, I feel justified to put my own magic into the image.

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