The series portrays my own experience of a period of perceived seclusion. The genesis for this series has been my own experiences and memories. In creating these images, it has been important to endeavour to convey what I have felt within me, in the space of the metaphorical and physical waiting room.

In the project I have asked myself; if I let my reality be distorted, how can I reclaim my own memories and experiences? What effect did another person's reality have on me in my period of isolation? How did the situation influence my perception of reality? If I think of myself as an actor on a stage in the meeting of others, what happens to my own self if there are no other actors to meet? Who was I before this isolation, can I find that same person again?

I have used my living room as a studio and photographed within my local environment. Using backdrops, studio lighting and props, I've tried to create scenes in my waiting room. These are my diary entries in the form of pictures.

Marie Barthelsson

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